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Workers at Centre Scientifique 3D computer model in lab

Total's Global R&D Network

R&D is a strategic driver for Total. Innovation and technological advancement can reduce economic costs and improve environmental performance. Over a five-year period Total S.A. will invest $7.5 billion in global R&D. We operate 22 R&D centres worldwide, employing over 4,200 researchers.

Technology is the key to addressing the environmental, social and economic challenges we face in the oil sands.

Laurent Maurel, President & CEO of Total E&P Canada

Six of our global R&D centres focus on Exploration and Production (E&P). The Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean-Feger (CSTJF) in Pau, France, is the scientific hub for Total’s E&P research. The CSTJF is one of the world’s premier integrated engineering and research centres, employing experts from around the world who use a multi-disciplinary approach and state of the art lab resources with powerful computing and telecommunications capabilities.

Our Calgary Research Centre is the newest member of Total’s E&P research network and is responsible for coordinating Total’s investment in oil sands research. Our Calgary team has access to the CSTJF’s state-of-the-art training, and is able to use the Centre’s research and knowledge in our project planning. We will use this global expertise to incorporate leading edge technology into the design of our oil sands projects, and deliver a better environmental performance.

We are also committed to collaborating with our experienced Canadian colleagues through industry associations, and to developing new technologies through our Canadian research partnerships such as Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA).

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Research

As part of our commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, Total is involved in a number of carbon capture and storage (CCS) research projects around the world. In January 2010, we began operating our carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Lacq, France, which is Europe’s first end-to-end carbon capture, transportation and storage demonstration facility, entirely self-funded by Total at €60M. Total E&P Canada also participates in CCS research in Canada.

Renewable Energies and Alternative Fuels

Total is investing in the development of renewable energies and alternative fuels to help us move toward a more innovative, diversified, and sustainable energy supply. Our focus is in two areas: solar energy and biomass. More information can been found on Total's global site.